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Welcome to our official website!


Gipsysoft is an italian software house producing apps and videogames for mobile devices, since 2010.

Our apps are mainly iOS-based (iPhone and iPad), but we develop for the Android and Windows Phone platforms too.

Gipsysoft's main products are the Multiphrasebook apps: 45 phrasebooks for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, containing 1300 phrases and supporting 10 different languages.

Gipsysoft also develops custom web-apps and websites.


Free professional talking phrasebooks for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

My Pocket Girl

A funny erotic game featuring real footage of a live girl!


4 free funny and addictive puzzle games into one. Available for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).


Our past and current works: Websites, Mobile Applications and more.

Contact us

Contact us for any question, concern or to ask for support for any of our products.