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The website is property of Danilo Cimino, the owner of "Gipsysoft di Danilo Cimino", which is an italian-based company. All the text contained in this page has been translated from the Italian language, so it has to be considered as not accurate. The official text of our cookies policy has been written in the Italian language (Italiano - Italia, it-IT). Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes. If any questions arise concerning the accuracy of the information presented in this page, please refer to the Italian version of the page, which is the official version.


Cookies policy


The website uses Cookies in order to improve the Site's user experience.

The Site will save a minimum amount of informations in the devices used for browsing it under the form of small text files called "cookies", stored in the directories used by the web browser. With the term "device" we mean any electronic device capable of browsing web pages, like PCs, smartphones and tablets.

By disabling cookies, some of the services provided by the Site may not work properly.

In particular, our cookies allow us to:

  • Identify in a unique way any user visiting our web pages, for any session;
  • Store the content language to be shown to the user, for any session.


Types of cookies used by

Here follows the complete list of cookies types. For any type, it is stated whether uses them or not.


Technical cookies

This kind of cookies is strictly needed for the Site's functionality. There are two categories of Techical cookies: "persistent" and "session-based".

With the term "persistent", we mean a cookie that is automatically destroyed after a specific date and time is reached. A cookie of this kind is not destroyed when the browser window is closed;

With the term "session-based", we mean a cookie that is destroyed when the browser is closed. uses persistent and session-based cookies. These are always sent by our domain (, and can be disabled by the users by modifiying their browser's settings.


Analytical cookies

This kind of cookies are used to collect informations about the Site's usage. This information is used in order to perform anonymous statistical analysis, with the purpose of improving the Site's usaage and to provide better quality content according to the users' preferences. Analytical cookies are sent by the Site itself or by third-party domains. uses third-party analytical cookies, sent by Google Analytics.


Cookies for the integration of third party products and software functions

This kind of cookies integrate functionalities developed by third-party entities inside the Site's pages, like the icons and preferences expressed in the social networks, in order to share the Site's content or for the use of third-party software services. These cookies are sent by third-party domains and by partner websites offering their functionalities inside the Site's pages. does not use this kind of cookies.


Profiling cookies

This kind of cookies are necessary for creating user's profiles in order to send targeted advertisements on the basis of the preferences the users specified inside the Site's pages. does not use profiling cookies.


Cookies' storage consent, according to the current legislation, does not have to ask for an explicit consent for the technical cookies, because they are necessary to offer its services.

For any other kind of cookie, the consent can be expressed by the user in any of the following way:

  • By configuring the browser in a specific way in order to block the cookies;
  • By editing the usage settings of the third-party services.

Both those solutions may prevent the Site to work in a proper way.


Third-party websites and services

The Site contains links to other websites having their own specific privacy policy that may differ from the one adopted by The Site's owner is not responsible for these privacy terms nor for the cookies policy adopted by these third-party websites.


Cookies used by

Kind of Cookie Description of use Collected data Policy Link and country where data is treated
Contact form The user allows the Site to use the data inserted in the contact form in order to answer to any kind of request. E-Mail address Policy - Italy
Analysis of the accesses by Google Analytics and third-party services by Google Inc. Users' accesses and interactions to are analyzed by the Google Analytics service by Google, inc. Cookies and usage data Policy - USA
Google Fonts Google Fonts is a service that allows integration and visualization of personalized font styles. This service is managed by Google, inc. Cookies and usage data Policy - USA


Instructions for deactivating the cookies

Here follow the instructions to disable cookies, according to the browser in use:



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