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Talking Phrasebook apps: Privacy statement


This privacy statement concerns all the versions of the "Talking phrasebook" apps, which are property of Gipsysoft di Danilo Cimino. The full list of concerned apps is available at this address. More informations about Gipsysoft di Danilo Cimino can be found at this address.


Our Talking Phrasebooks need:

Access to the microphone: this permission is needed to play the phrases audio recordings. The microphone is never used during the execution of the app

Possibility to edit the audio settings: this is needed in order to allow the app to increase/decrease the audio volume when playing the phrases audio recordings

Access the telephone state: this is needed by the Admob plugin, which serves interstitial and banner ads

Access to the network state: this is needed in order to understand wether an internet connection is available. If an internet connection is not available, an alert pops up telling the user that an operation cannot be done because no internet connection was found.

Access to the in-app purchases services: it is necessary for the upgrade to the PRO version of the app.